A “viral” campaign, organised by the Belgian radio station Studio Brussels and the Red Cross, to raise money for drinking water projects, has won a prestigious “Titanium Lion” award at the Cannes Lions 2008 International Advertising Festival. The campaign was in support of the annual charity event ‘Music for Life‘ which is part of the “Serious Request” project initiated by the Dutch radio station 3FM. Its December 2007 “The world cries out for water” campaign focused on raising awareness and money for Red Cross development projects.

The “viral” campaign involved a black boy who showed up on Flanders’ best watched station ‘één’ during three days, always in prime time. He quickly drank the host’s glass of water and then ran off. The most frequently asked question during these days was: ‘have you seen the thirsty black boy?’ The whole thing started to lead a life of its own on the internet and in other media. After claiming the campaign, the Belgian organisers raised 3.3 million euros in 6 days time. The Dutch radio station 3FM raised 5.2 million euros and Swiss Radio Station Couleur 3 raised 150,000 euros.

aviso: alto nível de audiogeekness

James Murphy aka LCD Soundsystem (aka o maior!) e co-fundador da excelente DFA Records fala no seu blogue do Myspace sobre como vê a internet. Alguns destaques:

“i fought with my label not to have a myspace page at all in the beginning because, well, because i’m old and weird and buy vinyl records and do things like write letters (…) so they made one anyway”
“twitter… well, i don’t quite get it.”
“i’m making a record (..) and this means that my horrible, useless website is getting redone by my friend sonya. i mean, it sucks, which was my choice. i was like “can this look more horrible?” i wish i was kidding, but i happen to like crap. i just do.”
“(I) don’t particularly like “effective marketing tools designed for maximum accurate data capture” (…) i don’t like the idea of people sitting in a room talking about the best way to word things to get the right reaction from a base of “users” etc. i don’t like thinking that those people used to love to do something, or wanted to be something, and would up measuring the best way to manipulate other people.”
“i’m not so used to this personal as media shit. but, on the other hand, what’s the difference really between this and a song about something personal? oh, right. you can’t sing a blog.”

O post inteiro aqui seguido dos comments do costume, alguns hilariantes do próprio James.

PS: um brinde: o novíssimo single do senhor, Bye Bye Bayou, está a passar aqui. Enjoy.

“Curto e grosso: o álbum de estreia da basca María Berasarte é o melhor álbum de fado alguma vez gravado por uma voz estrangeira. E de longe, mesmo contando com experiências muito meritórias, como a da catalã Névoa.

E é o melhor não só pela intimidade que ela demonstra ter com a canção de Lisboa (“yo me siento portuguesa/ y también digo saudade”, canta em “Palabra Triste”), mas também pelos músicos excepcionais que a rodeiam neste projecto: José Peixoto (guitarra e direcção musical), Carlos Bica (contrabaixo), Filipe Raposo (acordeão) e ainda o uruguaio Guillermo McGill (percussão).

O resultado é um conjunto de 11 fados tradicionais requintadamente vertidos para castelhano, que nos põem a sonhar com tapas em plena Mouraria.

João Miguel Tavares”

Fonte: TimeOut