the internet is funny

aviso: alto nível de audiogeekness

James Murphy aka LCD Soundsystem (aka o maior!) e co-fundador da excelente DFA Records fala no seu blogue do Myspace sobre como vê a internet. Alguns destaques:

“i fought with my label not to have a myspace page at all in the beginning because, well, because i’m old and weird and buy vinyl records and do things like write letters (…) so they made one anyway”
“twitter… well, i don’t quite get it.”
“i’m making a record (..) and this means that my horrible, useless website is getting redone by my friend sonya. i mean, it sucks, which was my choice. i was like “can this look more horrible?” i wish i was kidding, but i happen to like crap. i just do.”
“(I) don’t particularly like “effective marketing tools designed for maximum accurate data capture” (…) i don’t like the idea of people sitting in a room talking about the best way to word things to get the right reaction from a base of “users” etc. i don’t like thinking that those people used to love to do something, or wanted to be something, and would up measuring the best way to manipulate other people.”
“i’m not so used to this personal as media shit. but, on the other hand, what’s the difference really between this and a song about something personal? oh, right. you can’t sing a blog.”

O post inteiro aqui seguido dos comments do costume, alguns hilariantes do próprio James.

PS: um brinde: o novíssimo single do senhor, Bye Bye Bayou, está a passar aqui. Enjoy.

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